Shower Tray/Sink Refinishing Kit

CA$ 174.95

Odorless Tub Coating, Durable Glossy Shine, White



  • The new standard in Do-It-Yourself bathtub resurfacing kits. There’s no need to hire a professional for this job, now you can do it yourself using this product and our instructions.
  • This odourless product is tested and manufactured in the US. Trusted by hotels, motels, contractors, bath reglazing companies, community homes, property owners, landlords and universities.
  • Now everyone can refinish their own tub. The ultimate DIY home renovation kit that will increase the value of your home. You’ll also save over 80% on your bathroom reno costs.
  • Ideal for shower trays made from acrylic, fiberglass and plastic.
  • Safe and odourless. You don’t have to worry about toxic smells in your house.
  • Easy pour-on application. Learn how to do this by watching our Free Step-By-Step training videos. With printable instructions. There is minimal equipment you need to buy. There’s no way you can mess this up if you can follow instructions.
  • Durable bath coating with a glossy finish. Enjoy taking a shower again with your newly refinished bath. It feels like enamel or porcelain and the best part is that it will look shiny and clean.
  • It Won’t Peel. As long as you follow the instructions this product will not peel. Unlike other products on the market that peel after a few months or a year this product, when properly applied will last for many years.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain. Cleaning is simplified after you finish reglazing your tub. You don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning products. If clean your tub regularly with liquid dish soap and a non abrasive cloth you will preserve the shine.

Recommended Use:

This product is ideal for one shower tray or a small sink. There’s only enough product for these two items.

If you are working on an old cast iron sink we recommend that you purchase Bath Paint (Armoglaze).