Eco Friendly Paint Remover

CA$ 55.95

Eco Paint Remover 32 Oz | Environmentally-friendly Paint Stripper | Safe Solution That Will Remove Paint From Wood, Metal, Steel, Concrete, Aluminum and Other Composites.



  • Ideal For Baths That Were Previously Refinished. Paint may need to be removed on a bath before it can be properly reglazed. The safer choice for tub resurfacers.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly. Regular paint agents have an intense smell and contain hazardous ingredients. This solution has no dangerous peroxides, compounds, carcinogens, ozone-depleting chemicals, methylene chloride, hazardous air pollutants or other dangerous substances.
  • Unique Solution That Strips Paint From Various Materials. Won’t harm metal, concrete, wood, aluminum, steel and composites.
  • Removes Various Types Of Paint. Moisture cured coatings, urethanes from most substrates, acrylics, latexes and lacquers.
  • This Product Will NOT Work With The Following Bath Paints: Ekopel 2K and Armoglaze. Also it will not work with epoxy paint that has a coating of .3 mm or greater.