DIY Bath Resurfacing For Businesses

DIY Bath Refinishing is a growing movement for many residential consumers and for obvious reasons: 

  • There is a real concern for the environment.
  • They want to take control of a project that, in the past, could only be performed by a bath refinishing professional.
  • They want to cut their renovation costs.

If you have a business where you provide rental units to your customers you may have the same concerns. The benefits above are multiplied especially if you take control of this area using your own team.



Your business could be any of the following:

  • Hotel or Motel
  • Property Management Company or A Landlord
  • Community Home
  • University Housing
  • Military Housing

Benefits for Your Business

1. You Don’t Need To Throw Out Those Baths

There’s so much waste when old baths (that are still perfectly functional) are replaced. 

Many only have minor problems and require small repairs. Others have simply lost their shine. 

Bath resurfacing helps the environment in a big way. Work is done on the spot and after 48 hours the bath or shower pan is ready to use again. 

2. You Have Complete Control

This is ideal if you have a lot of baths that need to be done. 

Imagine having your internal team trained to do the exact work that professional bath reglazers perform (without paying the high labour costs). 

Using products that are more durable, eco-friendly and easier to apply. 

You’ll avoid scheduling conflicts with bath refinishing companies. Work directly with your own team to determine the exact end date for your project. 

Shorten the timeline for this type of project and closely monitor the quality of the work. 


3. You’ll Be Using Eco-Friendly Products That Last

This is very important for your customers because you never want to risk their health (or the health of your workers). You can perform work and at the same time your tenants can stay in the apartment since our products are odourless. You also won’t be annoying surrounding residents with strong toxic odours.

Eco-Friendly doesn’t mean low quality. With proper care, our products are made to last for many years. This way you won’t need to keep refinishing your baths every year. 



Example Cost Savings Calculation

You are a business owner that has a decision to make. You have 50 units that need work on the baths. Below are your options:

Costs to Replace A Bath

Costs To Refinish a Bath (Using A Bath Reglazing Company)

Costs To Refinish a Bath (Using Your Team)

Average Cost/Bath




Labour Costs

Time to Complete = 4Hrs

Hourly Rate = $20

Number of Units





1 Week

2 Days

2 Days


$3598 x 50

$550 x 50

($200 + $80) x 50 

Total Costs




Steps To Get Started

1. Have members on your team register for the Step-By-Step Instructional videos. After registering they will have access to a library of tutorials that will walk them through the whole process of successfully refinishing a bath.

2. After watching the videos go to the Product section page and purchase all the materials you will need for this project.

3. Call us if you have any questions.