Bathtub care and Maintenance Guide

The following instructions will keep the finish clean and attractive for many years to come.

1. Do not touch or get the surface wet for 48 hours after the refinishing work is completed.

2. Reinstall the bathtub hardware and apply silicone after 48 hours.

3. Do not use bath salts until after 72 hours of curing time. If you use bath salts after that time make sure to clean the tub after your bath. Also, before using the bath salts, dissolve it in a cup of water before pouring it into the tub because the salts can be abrasive to the surface.

4. Do not use any hair dyes or any products with coloring. This will discolor the tub.

5. Regular cleaning is important to prevent dirt and soap scum build-up. Clean with warm water and non-abrasive liquid detergents or bathroom cleaners. Some cleaning products have abrasive grains or powder (avoid them). Never use Javel. We recommend liquid dish soap.

6. Do not drop heavy objects in the bathtub.

7. Do not use abrasive pads or brushes.

8. You can use bath mats but we don’t recommend using it as a permanent fixture. We suggest that you remove the bath mat after every use and let it dry. Failure to do this will cause premature wear to the finish and will leave a stain.

9. Repair all leaky faucets immediately. Constant dripping will cause premature wear and tear and may infiltrate the paint causing deformation.

10. Do not use acid on the finish, If you must use a strong chemical drain cleaner (e.g drano), carefully pour it into the drain and avoid spilling it on the finished area.

11. Do not store soap, bottles of shampoo or bath oils, etc on the corners of the tub. Water gets trapped underneath and this can cause the finish to discolor.

12. Never allow nail polish remover or acetone to come in contact with the finish as it causes damage to the finish.

13. You can bathe your pets in the tub but ensure you use a large towel because the claws can damage the bathtub surface.