Bath Reglazing Specialists

Whether you have a rusty, damaged or chipped bathtub, Durabath offers you an eco friendly way to transform and extend the life of your bathtub. Our experts specialize in bathtub refinishing and reglazing, shower repair and clawfoot tub restoration.

Full bath repair and renovation services

No need to replace your tub when you can restore it at a lower cost. We offer various bathroom refurbishment services

Bathtub and shower base refinishing

Fiberglass and acrylic tub repair

Shower repair and reinforcement

Clawfoot tub restoration and refinishing

Top quality refinishing & reglazing done by experts

See with your own eyes what we can do for your bathroom !

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2 Year No-Peel Warranty

Bathtub and tiles refinishing is our speciality 

We will give a second life to your bath in an eco-friendly way. Contact us today for your bathroom renovations !


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Eco friendly and sustainable solution at a lower budget 

Our experienced team uses safe, odorless and non-toxic bath coating products and accessories. Our product is a unique epoxy-based paint that provides a high quality finish to your bathtub.

Benefits of our solution :

  •         New application method that does not require spraying
  •         Odorless and harmless to the environment and humans
  •         No hazardous thinners used in the manufacturing process
  •         Very resistant with a life expectancy of 20 years (with proper care and maintenance).


The restoration and reglazing process helps you save up to 80% compared to the cost of installing a new bathtub. Finishing is also beneficial for the environment, it allows you to recycle a functional tub and give it a brighter look.

See the differences

Without spraying

Spray method

Interested in our services, but prefer to do it yourself?

We provide all the tools to restore your old worn-out bathtub with a range of eco-responsible refinishing and reglazing products.


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